Warehousing at Furtho Pits. Land off A508 adjacent to Old Stratford roundabout.


A planning application has been submitted to West Northants Council for a 16 hectare warehousing site at Furtho Pits.
The development is proposed between Old Stratford and Cosgrove with a new access road onto the A508.
The proposal comprises 9 warehouses and employment units with 69,744sqm of floorspace. To give you an idea of scale, the largest unit is around the size of 5 football pitches.
West Northants Council is due to deliver its supplementary planning guidance at the end of October and this development proposal will be measured against the guidance.
The Parish Council is considering its response to the application and will discuss it again at the November meeting by which time we shall (hopefully) have the WNC guidance to take into consideration when formulating the response.
The response deadline for the planning application is 13 December 2022 and members of the public that are interested in making their views known are encouraged to do so direct to WNC.
Our Ward Councillor Ian McCord will be submitting his own response which he will share via this page for anyone to use as the basis for their own submission.